Cage Pacing & Circling

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Cage Pacing & Circling

Normal Behavior

  • Hedgehogs are quite active in the wild and frequently run in circles; therefore, running laps inside the cage can be a great form of exercise.
  • Hedgehogs can run in circles or even run in a figure eight form.
  • Breeders have also seen athletic hedgehog moms bowl over toddler hedgehog babies headed for the food dish, when the toddlers have gotten in their way!
  • Some hedgehogs may pace at the front of their cage in anticipation of exercise or feeding time. This is normal behavior as long as it stops once they are fed or removed from their cage.

Abnormal Behavior

  • Obsessive and compulsive pacing occurs when animals are confined in cages that are too small.
  • Hedgehogs with a physical problem may also turn in circles, often with their head tilted at an angle. This kind of circling needs immediate veterinary attention.

Primary Author: ¬†Gail Dick, Millermeade Farm’s Critter Connection

Contributor: Jamie Hand

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