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Hedgehogs Biting Each Other

  • If you have more than one hedgehog and when they are together you notice them biting each other’s quills, this may be a precursor to anointing or a fight.
  • Often, hedgehogs will chew on each other’s quills and then anoint with the smell of the other hedgehog on their quills.  (Justice)
  • One might also notice biting accompanied by singing during the mating process.  This is common in many animal species and not to be of much concern.
  • Hedgehogs CAN bite and injure each other.  Ear and leg injuries can easily happen when two hedgehogs are trying to establish territories.
  • If one hedgehog has latched onto another hedgehog and won’t let go, don’t try to pull him off.  If you pour a tablespoon or less of water over his face, it will startle it enough to let go.  (Justice)
  • In conclusion bites do not happen that frequently, but you should be prepared in the event that it does.

Risk of Damage to Inanimate Objects

  • Hedgehogs are insectivores with small teeth and small incisors when compared to rodents.
  • Hedgehogs will not damage furniture or wood trim by chewing, nor are they likely to gnaw through fabric, cords or wires.
  • Hedgehogs will go through a teething process as babies, but they do not have the need to chew and destroy objects like a puppy or dog.
  • Redirecting hedgehogs away from items or simply removing items that they shouldn’t chew is much better than scolding a hedgehog or trying to train it to not chew something in its environment.

Contributors:  Gail Smith, Melissa Ramos

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