Last Updated on November 6, 2022.

If your hedgehog has dry skin an oatmeal bath might just be the soothing relief your hedgehog needs.  The colloidal properties of oatmeal can be a great relief for dry, flaky, itchy skin (for you or your hedgehog!).

What You Will Need

  • A shallow dishpan is the perfect size bath for your hedgehog.
  • NIKS Bath Soaks which consists of Oats, Dry Milk and Lavender.  Infused with our original NIKS Oil*

What to Do

Just place one bag in water to dissolve and wait for milky color before placing your hedgehog in the water. You can squeeze the bag to speed up the process.

You can use this bath once or twice a week or as needed for dry skin.

VIDEO.: Hedgehog bathing, using NIKS oatmeal bath soaks

Contributor:  Melissa Ramos

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