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VIDEO.: hedgehogs sleep a lot 

Question from a Facebook Post:

Hey all my hedgehog friends and family just a quick question for ya I give a lot of my attention to my hedgie but she still sleeps a lot of the time and I feel she’s not getting enough excise, my bf does say he hears her at night on her wheel and I don’t doubt that but I feel its not long enough. Should I try to get another female hedgie to see if that will liven her up some ? Or any suggests please.

Best Replies From Facebook Followers:

My boy, runs a lot at night. Not for long, but when he does, he isn’t walking. He is like sprinting haha usually 4-7 hours depending on his mood I guess. But yes, I let my little guy explore with the lights down low. Also, on the weekends when I come home late I take him out and play with him at night. I’d say to try and monitor it. If she isn’t running much, maybe check her feet out, see if she has to long of toe nails. Maybe it hurts her to run?

Contributor: Vito

I find my hedgies much more likely to “play” when I turn the lights down low when I have them out of their cages. Jordan: My hedgehog only comes out if the room is silent and pitch black. They are very active, so I wouldn’t worry that they don’t get enough exercise on their own. If you suspect a medical issue I would take her to the vet.

Contributor: Sarah

Five minutes after all the lights go off, the wheel starts up. It could be 9 pm or 2 am.

Contributor: Jaimie

Our hedgehog sleeps most of the day and he’s very active at night. We also take him out to play in the yard when the weather in nice, he enjoys it.

Contributor: Ashley

Hedgehogs are nocturnal so they sleep a lot during the day and eat and play all night. I have three hedgehogs that are sisters and during the day I get them out to play or put them in their hamster ball for extra stimulation.

Contributor: Helen

Pogo only came out in the dark. Try bringing your hedgehog out of her cage to play. She may like exploring around the house. If you’re concerned about her getting into things, get a playpen.

Contributor: Katie

The only time my hedgy comes out is when all the lights are off and it’s pitch black.

Contributor: Jaide

They are nocturnal animals so when its dark is when they’re out, usually when everyone is sleeping.

Contributor: Matthew

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