Vocalizations and Noises

Jun 7, 2013 by

Vocalizations Hedgehogs use a wide range of sounds to communicate. Listen carefully and observe your hedgehog’s behavior to clearly understand what your pet is trying to communicate. Some hedgehog vocalizations can be described with...

Huffing, Puffing, and Popping

May 27, 2013 by

Understanding Huffing, Puffing, and Popping When you first pick up your hedgehog, it may have its spines erect, and it may make some defensive noises. Huffing and puffing is a way for a hedgehog to say, “I’m big and bad.” It is a...

Picking Up Your Hedgehog

May 25, 2013 by

Hand Washing It is always a good idea to practice proper hand washing techniques before and after handling your hedgehog. Proper hand washing can help to protect your hedgehog from potentially dangerous bacteria or other substances...