Bedding and Litter Eating

Jun 7, 2013 by

Why Might Hedgehogs Eat Their Bedding? What Is This?—Hedgehogs are inquisitive by nature and often attempt to learn about their environment by tasting and smelling.  Baby and young hedgehogs are very prone to eating new brands or...

Miscellaneous Bedding Options

Jun 6, 2013 by

 Corncob Bedding Corncob is relatively inexpensive, but care must be taken to keep the cage clean and dry. Corncob bedding has a tendency to retain liquids and it molds very quickly. Many molds are respiratory toxins. Frequent...

Dust Baths & Sand Boxes

Apr 24, 2013 by

Dust Bath and Sand Box Dilemma Hedgehog enthusiasts sometimes wonder whether or not a hedgehog actually needs a dust bath. Many hedgehogs have been observed dust bathing in a variety of “dusty” things including spilled...