• ProFleece is possibly the best fabric type bedding available for pets!
  • It has been used by veterinarians for decades and is becoming very popular in the pet industry.
  • It is made of 100% polyester which is:
    • Non–irritating
    • Non-allergic
    • Does not support bacterial growth
    • Stain resistant
    • Dries fast after washing or accidents
  • The pile aides heat retention while still allowing air to circulate.
  • With proper washing/drying care this bedding can last years which helps to save both money and the environment.
  • It can be easily cut to fit any space with no fraying or damage to the product.
  • The extra strong backing is allows the hedgehog to dig into the pile without damaging the bedding.
ProFleece Premium Vet Bedding
  • 1200 grams density per meter squared
  • 25 mm pile
  • Non-slip backing allows for drainage when accidents occur
  • Washable up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit and tumble dry on cool/warm heat
ProFleece Ultimate Vet Bedding
  • The Ultimate series offers both the non-slip ribbed backing and the green back. The green back is knitted from a double strength chew resistant yarn.
  • 1600 grams density per meter squared
  • 31 mm pile
  • Tumble Dry cool/warm heat
  • Available in Non-slip backing washable up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Available in Green Back washable up to 194 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Some hedgehog hobbyists prefer to use Vellux blankets (found in the bedding section of Wal-Mart or similar store) in the bottom of hedgehog cages as an alternative to bedding.
  • One vellux blanket can be cut into several small pieces to fit the size of the hedgehog’s cage.
  • The blanket pieces can be changed every two to three days, washed, and reused.
  • Vellux may hold its shape after many washings, will not unravel, Do not bleach vellux because it can break down the blanket fibers.
  • Warnings
    • Urine will puddle on top of the liner if your hedgehog is not litter box trained because it is hydrophobic (repels moisture).
    • Vellux will not hold up to hedgehogs scratching it.
    • An important downside of using vellux is that many hedgehogs have been known scratch and chew it up and digest the foamy material.
      • Some are lucky and pass it all on her own.
      • Others develop blockages and required surgery to repair the problem.
    • Although vellux has many good attributes, we cannot recommend its use to anyone. There are many concerns and there are other options available.


  • Fleece is relatively inexpensive and can be found most places where fabric is sold.
  • The anti-pill varieties may last longer and wear better than traditional fleece.
  • Keep in mind that fleece is made from spun plastic. Plastic does NOT absorb liquid (hydrophobic) so feces and urine will puddle on top until they air dry.
  • Do not bleach as it may cause break down of the material. Follow washing instructions suggested by the manufacturer.


Crib Liners

  • These thick pads are found in the baby section of many department stores.
  • They are excellent options for families who no longer need them.

Ready Made Cage Liners

  • They are made to order to fit your cage and come in a variety of colors and patterns
  • While the initial cost can be high, the upkeep is minimal.
  • Keep in mind that darker colors would not show variations in feces or urine so lighter colors may be the best bet.

VIDEO.:  Cage Bedding

Contributors: Nicole Belval, formerly of Prickly Pair Hedgehogs; Christine Riddle, Riddle’s Hedgehogs; Shelly Fowler, Beach Bum Hedgehogs

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