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  • Healthy eyes should look clear and bright.
  • To help prevent eye damage keep your cage clean and free of sharp objects, including bedding.
  • The sooner a veterinarian sees your hedgehog’s eye problem, the better chances you have for a faster and more successful healing.

Eye Drainage or Discharge

  • Symptoms
    • Discharge from one or both eyes
    • May be clear and watery (excessive tearing) or yellow, green or brown discharge
    • The eye can wax and wane
  • Cause
    • Drainage can be caused by
      • Allergies
      • Infection
      • Injury
      • Bedding sensitivity or dust
      • Scratch
      • Injuries from fighting or sharp objects
        • This can also lead to corneal ulcers that can be painful and actually cause loss of vision
  • Treatment
    • A veterinarian will likely prescribe an antibiotic eye ointment as a first line of treatment.
    • Warm water or saline on a cotton ball can help clean the discharge if it has dried and is causing discomfort.

VIDEO.:  Hedgehog Eye Gunk | How to Clean Eyes | Customer Question

Hyperlipidemia (Fat Deposits Around the Eyes)

  • Symptom
    • One or both eyes have fatty deposits
  • Cause
    • Obesity
  • Treatment
    • Low fat diet, exercise
    • While the hedgehog could lose weight, the fatty deposits may never go away; they will, however, diminish in size

Other Issues of the Eye

  • Pawing at the eye
  • Holding the eye shut
  • Squinting
  • Swelling of the lids or eye itself; most likely an infection
  • Staining of face from discharge
  • The forehead furrow is used to protect the face
  • There have been cases of a hedgehog poking its own eye

VIDEO.:  Eye Injuries with hedgehogs

All of these issues can have numerous causes. Again, eye problems that don’t clear up immediately, should be reason to visit a veterinarian.   Eye damage can be irreversible if not treated.

Primary Author:  Gail Smith Millermeade Farm’s Critter Connection

Contributor:  Melissa Ramos

An interesting article that indicates that hedgehogs can see in ultraviolet.  Cats and Dogs May See in Ultraviolet

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