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Hedgehogs are fun to play with and are easily entertained. They love to play with tunnels, mazes, and specially designed hedgehog wheels. Even something as simple as a toilet paper tube will make a good toy; as they love to stick their heads in them and run about the floor. (HHC)

Play Safety and Precautions

  • Even though hedgehogs are not typically described as “chewers” it is possible they can chew electrical wires, so it is a good idea to keep them away from your hedgehog while it is playing.
  • Your hedgehog may be litter box trained, but it is also likely to potty anywhere outside the cage when it gets the urge. Make sure the floor can be easily cleaned and that there are no climbing objects, such as books or magazines, which can be ruined if they get soiled or wet.
  • Some owners recommend no less than 30 minutes of supervised free roaming time in a hedgehog safe room or enclosed area.

Play Areas

  • Enclosed play areas with smooth sides are ideal because the hedgehog is less likely to attempt to try and climb out.
  • A plastic kiddie pool is a great place to let your hedgehog exercise and play. The hedgehogs won’t be able to escape unless there are objects close to the wall. They can climb on play accessories to give themselves a boost up and over the top.
  • Pet corrals are available through several vendors. You can put plastic tablecloths down to protect the floor and still have a portable and safe play area. Keep corralled hedgehogs under supervision, because some may try to bulldoze under and escape.

Video.: Simple hedgehog playpen 

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