Last Updated on November 18, 2021.


A pedigree is a simple record of three generations of an animals heritage.

  • Animals with unknown origin may be included on a pedigree and as future records are maintained for an animal’s offspring, a full pedigree will eventually be recorded.
  • At Millermeade Farm’s Critter Connection, we keep pedigrees on every animal, but not all animals may have a full pedigree if some of the animals came from other breeders.
  • A pedigree of an animal in itself does not guarantee the quality of that particular animal.  Quality animals may not have a pedigree and poor quality animals may have a pedigree.  A pedigree is simply the presence or absence of a piece of paper (or online record) of the animal’s lineage.
  • A pedigree is a valuable asset allows one to track breeding stock and is essential in all good breeding programs.

VIDEO.: importance of pedigrees

VIDEO.:  pedigree vs non-pedigreed for breeders


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