Last Updated on April 11, 2017.

 Once I place my deposit how will I know you received it?

You’ll know two different ways. You should receive an automatic response from Paypal and you should receive an automatic response from us. If you get one from Paypal and not from us, be sure to check your Spam folder. Your automatic response will have pick up instructions, a note about directions, as well as tips to make your visit go more smoothly.

Do the hedgehogs come with health papers and is there a health guarantee?

We are USDA licensed and one of the requirements is to have routine visits by our veterinarian. We can provide heath papers from our veterinarian for an additional $60.00. Our health guarantee includes:

  • A one-year guarantee for anything congenital.
  • A one-year guarantee for cancer.
  • A two-year guarantee for Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome.
  • A two-year guarantee for nutritional deficiencies provided you are following our diet recommendations.
  • A necropsy report is necessary to fulfill the health guarantee is it will provide valuable information for our breeding program.

I am still confused on what option to choose. How do I know what is the best option for me.

If you do not put down $10 with one of the options, you are taking a risk that we are here. I run errands and all kinds of things and I am the only one who takes care of the appointments. We require a deposit because I can’t tell you how many times people have made appointments and then not shown up. During the week you can piggy-back with another appointment. If the paying customer cancels, then the piggy-back customer is cancelled as well. The weekends are too full except the early appointment and I have to make sure the later appointments aren’t overcrowded.

How do I let you know what purchasing option I decide?

Put a deposit down on an educational visit and choose a baby from what is online or pick from three.
If you are doing the pick from three it is best to place a deposit on that one so I know which babies to get ready. With this option you will have a choice of the oldest three babies but there is no guarantee on color or gender.
Pick your favorite baby online to reserve your favorite. When you come you can handle other babies that are available online.

What is the difference between the Pick From Three option and the animals listed individually?

Our Pick From Three option is our way to place our babies in a new home without the frills of the Premier Plan. We will offer three babies for you to choose from based on preference and availability. These will still make great pets but you don’t get all the perks. Our regular priced babies have online listings where you can see their baby pictures, pedigrees, etc. and you have much more control over which babies you want to choose from when you come.

Can I request a color in advance in the Pick From Three Program?

Unfortunately no. We discount our babies for the no frill options which saves us time and you money. Availability completely depends on the luck of the available litters.

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