Last Updated on August 27, 2022.

  • Some hedgehogs do not display outward signs of affection, while others can be quite affectionate toward their owners.
  • Hedgehogs do not typically come when called nor actively seek out human interaction.
  • They are NOT like cats and dogs, whose personalities enable displays of affection (though these actions may vary drastically from pet to pet). Instead, you may be sadly disappointed with a hedgehog if you are looking for an attention-seeking and affection-giving pet.
  • Your hedgehog may not even greet you or seem happy when you wake them up to take them out of their cage. In fact you could earn yourself a daytime fingertip nibble if disturbing their afternoon slumber!
  • The average hedgehog is content to do its own thing and may not show any outward sign that it cares about its owner’s existence unless you have a treat in your hand.
  • Despite their somewhat solitary nature, they can become very affectionate with their owners and will even enjoy snuggling on your lap.

VIDEO.:  Solitary but affectionate. 

Contributors:  Gail Smith, Melissa Ramos

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