Last Updated on September 20, 2013.

Forehead Furrow or Reverse Mohawk

  • There is a natural part on the forehead of the hedgehog where there are no spines. 
  • This natural bald spot is normal and is in no way related to the presence of mites or injury.
  • A hedgehog can raise it’s forehead spines, when it is nervous or mildly irritated. 
  • The furrow provides space for the raised spines so they point forward, instead of criss-crossing when the skin is pulled down over the eyes.


  • Both sexes have short, stubby tails that are usually hidden under their quills.
  • Hedgehogs’ tails are approximately a half-inch in length.
  • The tail can be confused with a penis, because the tail curves toward the head when the hedgehog is placed on it’s back.  The male’s penile sheath and hidden penis are located mid-abdominally.
  • One thing to look for is a tail is sticking straight out or up:  that means it needs to potty, so be prepared!

Chin Mole

  • This small bump under the chin is harmless and normal.
  • It is often referred to as a “cutie mark.”

Contributor:  Susan Crocker, Susan’s Hawkeye Hedgies

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