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This fun test is designed to introduce topics to potential hedgehog owners to ensure a hedgehog is a good choice as a pet.

  1. I live where
    1. exotic pets are illegal but I doubt I will get caught.
    2. exotic pets are illegal but it is unlikely that I am going to have a problem and I have a back-up plan in case a problem occurs.
    3. exotic pets are legal.
  2. I want a pet that is likely to live
    1. a relatively short period of time (less than two years) because it is for a child who may lose interest or because I know my life’s circumstances are likely to change.
    2. a relatively long period of time (more than five years) because I can’t handle death well and I am looking for a long term pet.
    3. an average of three to four years with some living up to seven years but I understand others may live less than the average life expectancy.
  3. I am looking for a pet that can live in
    1. a small space such as a ten gallon aquarium.
    2. a guinea pig size cage (approximately two foot by two foot or 576 square inches.)
    3. a small fenced in area in the back yard.
  4. I am looking for a pet that is active
    1. on its own and does not depend on me for entertainment.
    2. during the day so I can watch it.
    3. for short bursts of activity throughout the day when it hears my voice.
  5. I am able to provide
    1. hardly any veterinary care because I am on a budget.
    2. veterinary care for an emergency only .
    3. annual well-pet visit to an exotic veterinarian and other care as needed.
  6. I need a pet that
    1. can tolerate temperatures as low 60°F year round.
    2. doesn’t require any special considerations.
    3. can live in our home with some special considerations.
  7. I want a pet that
    1. will respond well to me if handled correctly.
    2. will never poke me.
    3. is easily handled.
  8. Pets that may have a bowel or bladder accident on me
    1. do not bother me because I know it is a natural occurrence.
    2. are disgusting and I would probably never handle that animal again.
    3. are o.k. as long as they can be trained to stop.
  9. My pet should be
    1. clean and neat and never need a bath.
    2. able to groom themselves.
    3. small enough to give a bath in the bathroom sink.
  10. I understand that most animals with teeth have the potential to bite
    1. so I want a pet that is toothless.
    2. and even though hedgehogs are not terrible biters I understand that it can happen.
    3. so I want a pet that can’t bite hard enough to ever break the skin.


Answers (Mouse over to reveal)

  1. c
  2. c
  3. b
  4. a
  5. c
  6. c
  7. a
  8. a
  9. c
  10. b

Primary Author: Gail Dick, Millermeade Farms “Critter Connection”

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