Last Updated on November 10, 2013.

  • A hedgehog that is cold or feels cool to the touch is in serious danger.
  • Captive bred hedgehogs are not accustomed to hibernation and can die from, what to them is, an unnatural torpor.
  • Warming up a hedgehog too quickly can do more harm than good. A warm, gentle heat is preferred over forceful, direct heat.
  • Our most successful method for warming a cold animal is direct human body heat. Hold the animal in your hands, tuck it in your shirt, or whatever other method feels comfortable to you.
  • Heating pads can also be useful, but one must be careful not to overheat or burn an animal that is too sick to move away from the heat.
  • Also, don’t assume that the external heating device is doing the trick when in fact it may not be warm enough.
  • An animal that has gotten too cold and recovered is more susceptible to future incidents.

Contributor: Susan Crocker, Susan’s Hawkeye Hedgies


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