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I am ready to purchase my hedgehog. What’s next?

The first step is to choose an available hedgehog and make an appointment to meet him/her. We are open Monday through Saturday. A $25.00 deposit reserves your favorite and an appointment time for you to come to our shop. Our Available Babies and our Products page have a list of all the things we sell to get you off to a great start with your pet!

How long should I plan on being at our appointment?

This will depend on several factors. First, how much time you spend preparing for your hedgehog and how well you understand your hedgehog’s needs. Sometimes this part is very quick but other times this part can last 45 minutes depending on the amount of questions. We believe the best time to answer questions is BEFORE you take your hedgehog home. Once you are introduced to your hedgehog, this could also take 45 minutes if you want to look at several hedgehogs and choose your favorite by learning different personalities. At this time we will also spend a great deal of time helping you feel confident handling this unique pet. Finally, the check out process can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a half hour or more depending on how long it takes you to make decisions and if there are other people making the same decisions at the same time. We suggest NOT rushing this appointment for the best new owner experience.

If I reserve a hedgehog is there a time limit when I need to come and pick it up?

Yes. We like our babies to go to their new homes as soon as possible so our time limit for pick up is two weeks. This is best for the hedgehog because it allows them to go to their new home for faster bonding.

What is an educational visit, how do I make one, and can I take a hedgehog home that day?

Here’s the link to our Educational Visit page with a full description. After you read the description and agree to the terms you can add the Educational Visit to your cart. You are more than welcome to take a hedgehog home that day provided we have babies that are weaned and ready to go.

If I make an Educational Visit to reserve our appointment time can I change to a specific hedgehog I found online to reserve it?

Yes that is no problem. All you need to do is email me and let me know who you would like to reserve.

I want to buy a hedgehog, but live 2 hours away. How can I be sure there will be hedgies available the day I come and when I choose one, can I take it home the same day?

Most people choose a “favorite” hedgehog on our website and put a $25.00 deposit down. The deposit assures that the hedgehog will be available when you come. Then just make an appointment and come to the shop. You can take the hedgehog home the day of your visit. There are usually several other hedgehogs available on any given day, so if you see another one that you like better, your first “favorite” will not be upset if you choose another.

I live several hours away. Do you have any travel accommodations?

Yes. We have a Critter Connection discount at the Ramada Inn (419-485-5555), which is a few miles from us. The Holiday Inn Express (419-485-0008) is also just a few miles from us. Historic Sauder Village is a very popular area attraction that is about a half hour away. Spangler Candy Company, maker of Dum-Dums, Candy Canes, Safe-T-Pops, and Circus Peanuts, is about 10 minutes away. They offer factory tours and have a store and museum.

I want to surprise my friend with a visit to your shop so she can pick a hedgehog that would fit her family. What do you suggest?

We suggest that you go to our website, choose a “favorite,” and put down a $25.00 deposit. While there are usually quite a few to choose from, reserving your favorite guarantees that the one you like best is here. It also guarantees your spot so we don’t overbook, as our days (especially Saturdays) can get quite busy. You can also reserve a spot with an Educational Visit. You wouldn’t have to choose a specific baby. Keep in mind that even if you do choose a pet online, you are more than welcome to see other babies that are available, and you are can change your mind. We will have at least one extra (but likely more) for you to choose from when you come.

I am buying a hedgehog as a gift. How necessary is it for that person to come with me to the appointment?

Our advice is that it is very, very important for that person to come to the appointment. Even though a majority of our customers have prior animal experience, choosing and handling a hedgehog is drastically different than other pets. During your appointment you will learn lots of information about care and you will have the opportunity to ask questions about recommended products and we will give you lots of tips on how to care for your hedgehog. We do have an article prepared that will help reiterate what we discuss. Handling hedgehogs takes practice and understanding. We want you to get off to the best start possible with your new hedgehog. It is critical that everyone handling the hedgehog has a complete understanding of how to make hedgehogs comfortable and how to encourage them to trust you. If a trust relationship is not formed, your hedgehog will not like you and you will not like your hedgehog. Also, there are times that people discover that a hedgehog isn’t the best pet for them. If the gift recipient isn’t at the appointment, they may end up with a pet they wish they didn’t have because they expected something different.

I am looking to buy a hedgehog around Christmas. Will you have any available?

We do expect to have a variety of babies available at Christmas. We will be closed from December 23 to 30. You may want to reserve your selection spot in advance via our Educational Visit page because we fill up quickly during the holidays. Closer to your appointment you can reserve your favorite baby. WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE THE PERSON RECEIVING THE HEDGEHOG OR THE PRIMARY CAREGIVER TO BE PRESENT AT THE PICK-UP APPOINTMENT. If this is a surprise we have several suggestions to make the appointment a surprise.

Do you guarantee that we will be able to take a hedgehog home, provided we meet your standards as customers?

We reserve the right to refuse a sale; however if we feel you can provide a good home for one of our hedgehog babies, we are happy for the hedgie to go home with you.

Once we have chosen our hedgehog, what is the best way to transport him back home?

Transporting your hedgehog in a shoebox-size box or a small carrier, instead of out in the open or in a large cage, will help him/her to feel safe on the drive home. Most hedgehogs will sleep all the way home, and typically won’t eat or drink while traveling unless you stop for an extended period of time.

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