Last Updated on January 26, 2016.

Business Hours

  • We understand many of our customers travel several hours to come to the shop and we’re honored for you to make the drive. Our average customer travels three hours to purchase their pet so we do our best to accommodate travelers.  Saturdays are typically our busiest day but we can almost always accommodate everyone.
  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are our most popular weekdays.  We set aside Tuesday and Thursday for errands.
  • Weekday appointments are typically scheduled for 12:00PM.  We do have some flexibility with appointment times, but Gail has five children so appointments after school and evening appointments are extremely challenging.
  • Saturday appointments are scheduled from 10:00AM to 2:00 PM at two hour intervals.  Saturday appointment times may change according to sport and activity schedules for the children.  Gail her best to keep appointment times as consistent as possible to eliminate confusion.
  • Bribery works if no other appointment times are an option! For weekday appointments after 2PM, evening and Sunday appointments there is an extra $30 so we can get carry out food for the family.  The kids don’t mind mommy working during their time if special food is involved!  I don’t mind if I don’t have to cook!!  The bribery must be paid prior to a visit because we alter our family time for special appointments.  Unfortunately, we’ve had people fail to follow through on their commitment too many times and the family has been left on hold 🙁
  • We have babies every week so there is no worry about selling out if you need to wait to make your appointment until you receive a work schedule.
  • We do have normal family life so please do NOT to show up without an appointment because we cannot guarantee that we will be available.
  • Don’t want to travel so far? Please check out our “Hedgehogs on the Road” meeting places under  Upcoming Events to see if we will be near you!  Want us to come to you?  We need a  place to hold an event and at least six people  that make deposits for the event.
  • Whether you meet us at the shop or at one of our “Hedgehogs on the Road” events, we always spend time with our customers explaining proper hedgehog care, handling hedgehogs in ways that encourage bonding and answering questions.

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