Last Updated on January 18, 2023.

Costs to Expect

  • Food:  The minimum food that we suggest purchasing with your hedgehog is currently $18.00 (Spike’s Ultra Plus). This food should be enough to last two months if not longer. Refer to our Diet Recommendations guide for reasons why we feel keeping the hedgehog on the same diet for at least the first month is important. Should you decide not to purchase the food we will have you sign a waiver stating that you acknowledge and are accepting the risks associated with not following our suggestions.
  • Cages and/or supplies:  We have worked very hard to have quality products available at affordable prices. These products are arranged in our Hedgehog Shopping Guide. Our package deals offer the best values but each item can be purchased individually.
  • Sales Tax for all retail sales within Ohio is 7.25% and is collected through our Williams County Vendors License.
  • We certainly appreciate your business. We offer cash discounts because you save us money by not using a credit card. We also offer an additional cage package discount off the price of the animal. We appreciate you supporting us by buying your supplies from us.

Terms of Payment

  • Your $25 deposit made on line is deducted from your final price.
  • We prefer cash payment with a $5 cash discount.
  • We can accept VISA/MC.
  • We are sorry, but we cannot accept personal checks.
  • We do not offer payment plans.
  • We accept full payment via PayPal for an additional $10 advance paperwork charge per hedgehog.  Please note, this fee is waived when payment is made at the time of purchase.

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