Last Updated on October 19, 2022.

Need for a New Home

  • There are times when hedgehog owners feel they simply cannot give their hedgehog the love and attention it deserves.
  • Sometimes hedgehogs are more of a prickly ball than the cuddly critter their owner imagined they would be.
  • Moving, job changes, or other changes in an owner’s lifestyle can create a need to find a new home for their hedgehog.
  • Whatever the reason, it is important to find the best possible home for your pet.

Returning to the Breeder

  • Most hedgehog breeders will gladly accept any hedgehog that needs a new home.
  • Conscientious breeders will work with your animal to get to know its personality.
  • Many breeders and rescues will try to find a new home for your hedgehog that has hedgehog experience or someone who bonds well with your pet.

Humane Societies and Animal Shelters

  • Some humane societies and animal shelters will accept hedgehogs.
  • Unfortunately many shelters are not experienced in handling exotic animals, including hedgehogs.
  • Undoubtedly these animal rescue organizations will do their best to care for your pet. Humane societies and animal shelters are not as good of a choice as returning your pet to a breeder.

Turning Pets Loose

  • Releasing or abandoning a pet in the wild is almost a certain death sentence for your pet.
  • Depending on where you live, hedgehogs will likely only be able to survive in the summer when the weather is warm.
  • Pet hedgehogs do not have the foraging skills necessary to find food, much less be able to protect themselves against predators and human-related dangers.
  • Turning a hedgehog loose, or any other exotic or domesticated animal, in the wild is illegal.
  • Many states have passed laws prohibiting exotic pets, because of irresponsible pet ownership. We strongly encourage you to make the kindest choice for a pet that you can no longer care for and find it a new home rather than turning it loose in the wild.

Contributor: Gail Smith, Susan Crocker, Susan’s Hawkeye Hedgies, Melissa Ramos