Last Updated on November 8, 2022.

 Do hedgehogs require vet visits?

We suggest a well pet visit two to four weeks after taking your hedgehog home and annual well pet check ups. We suggest calling local veterinarians to find out:

  1. Do they treat hedgehogs?
  2. How much is a well pet visit? ($25-60)
  3. How much is an emergency visit? (Traditionally more than a well pet visit)
  4. How much is a mite treatment ($25-$200). Hedgehogs can be treated relatively inexpensive with Revolution combined with simple things you can do at home. Not all vets are aware of these treatments.
  5. How much is a necropsy? (Necessary to fulfill our health guarantee. ($0-$300) Some vets will do this for free.
  • Hedgehogs need immediate attention when hedgehogs are ill or have an accident.  It is extremely important to know your veterinarian and to have a veterinary care plan.

Do hedgehogs require vet visits and shots?

No. There is no need for shots or other treatments such as routine spaying or neutering.

What are the most common health problems?

  • The most common accidents are climbing and falling injuries.
  • The most common need for veterinary treatment is for mites (about as common as cats and fleas).
  • The most common cause of death is cancer.

Do hedgehogs have good eyesight?

VIDEO.: eyesight 

How many quills does a hedgehog have?

VIDEO.: number of quills & use

Is it safe to take my hedgehog out and about with me while I’m running errands?

VIDEO.:  Taking your hedgehog with you?

  • if taking your hedgehog out with you, here is a link to safe options for bonding

VIDEO.:  Most Common Health Issues for Hedgehogs

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