Last Updated on November 18, 2021.

Our Best Effort to Produce Quality Pets

  • We do everything possible to produce quality animals that are destined to become wonderful pets.
  • We use quality food, caging, and bedding as well as use our human resources to provide quality care.
  • Our diverse bloodlines come from across the country and we keep detailed records of our animals that can be traced back many generations.
  • We visually inspect every animal and we give you every opportunity to inspect your new pet as well.

Excellent Pet Potential

  • All of our hedgehog babies have excellent pet potential. However, babies in the Discount Plan may need additional time and attention and some are best suited for experienced hedgehog handlers.
  • When we meet our customers we spend time teaching handling tips and techniques so that babies will adjust to their new homes with as smooth of transition as possible.
  • The handling skills we teach will help a shy hedgehog become more comfortable and social and an outgoing hedgehog continue to remain friendly after it goes to a new home.
  • We offer post sales support by welcoming return visits for handling advice or nail trimming. I can also review video footage of you handling your hedgehog and give advice electronically if a return visit isn’t possible.

Age When Ready For New Homes

  • Almost all of our babies are weaned from their mothers at five to seven weeks of age.
  • Most babies are ready to go to their new homes within a few days to a week from weaning date.
  • Our babies are almost always six to eight weeks old when they go to their new homes.
  • We determine babies are ready to go to their new homes when they reach six weeks old and meet our size and weight criteria
  • Like human babies, some hedgehog babies grow faster or slower than others. So, even when we give a target “ready to go” date we may advise waiting longer to take babies home.
  • There are times when babies are eight to ten weeks old when they are chosen.  Some hedgehogs are not comfortable during their earlier quilling process and are better suited to new homes once they have completed that first uncomfortable process.

VIDEO.:  6 week old babies sleeping with mom