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” On the Road”

We occasionally offer delivery services with our scheduled  “On the Road” events where we meet several of our customers in one area.   Please visit our Upcoming Events for more information about our scheduled events.   We hold specific animals for delivery and/or pick-up for two weeks without additional charge.  Our On the Road FAQ is an additional source of information.  Please contact us if you would like to host a Millermeade Farms “On the Road” event.

Process for Meeting Us “On the Road”

  1. Review our Upcoming Events page for more information about any possible scheduled events.
  2. Reserve your hedgehog with a $25.00 deposit by choosing an available baby no sooner than 14 days prior to the “On the Road” event.  Want preferential selection?  Email me
  3. Be sure to indicate in the notes section where and when you will meet us if the exact time and location is not an option in our calendar. 
  4. We will bring your hedgehog as well as one additional hedgehog for you to see if by chance the one you selected is not a good match for you.

Pet Delivery Services

We offer pet delivery for $50 per hour of drive time (one way) minimum of $150.

Costs to Expect With a Pet Delivery Service

  1. Cost of the hedgehog ($215+)
  2. Crate $45 (includes two crocks for food and water, a bag of Spike’s Ultra Plus, and a sleeping bag)
  3. Any other special requests

Videos of Your Baby

Once you place your deposit on a baby we will send you a video of us handling your baby via text. This may take a day or two depending on our work schedule at the farm. If for some reason, you do not like the video of your baby, you will be able to choose another hedgehog.

Ship at Your Own Risk

Shipping animals is something that delivery services typically do every day. However, accidents happen and animals may perish either during the transportation due to circumstances out of our control.  Millermeade Farms is not responsible for the health of your animal beyond our standard health guarantee. At Millermeade Farms we take great pride in the health and well being of our animals. Please request that your delivery service inspect your hedgehog before taking possession of your hedgehog. We will show the person who picks up your hedgehog the temperament and health of your hedgehog.  We will be happy to obtain a Veterinary Health Certificate for your animal for $60.00. We need at least ONE-week notice in order to have time to schedule and obtain the certificate.
We suggest finding out your delivery service’s policy on guaranteed healthy delivery.

Meeting Customers and Personal Delivery

Many of our customers live a considerable distance from our shop.  We are frequently asked to meet our customers “half way” or someplace other than our farm or scheduled event.  Unfortunately, this is a service we cannot provide free of charge.  In order to best meet the needs of our family, animals, and all of our customers our limited time and resources are needed at our farm and special events.  Another important reason we do not like to meet customers in parking lots or other random locations is that there is little opportunity for us to provide the care and handling information and demonstrations. We firmly believe proper care and handling skills are critical to getting new pet owners off to the best start possible with their new pet.
There are some individuals that need personal delivery.  Hourly rates of $15.00 per hour away from the farm and the IRS tax rate for milage are additional charges to the price of the hedgehog and supplies.  You will are required to pay in full once arrangements are made. There will be NO REFUNDS after the final payment is made prior to delivery or once the hedgehog is delivered.    Visiting the farm is much more cost effective for you and we believe you will have a better educational experience and handling learning opportunities in our hedgehog shop.

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