Last Updated on February 7, 2024.

Are you thinking about welcoming a delightful, spiky companion into your life?
We hope you look no further because our pet hedgehogs are waiting to steal your heart! Here at Critter Connection, we specialize in providing caring homes for these unique and lovable creatures. Whether you’re a seasoned hedgehog aficionado or a first-time owner, our hedgehogs are sure to bring joy and warmth to your home.
Why choose a hedgehog, you may ask? Well, these charming little critters boast a myriad of endearing qualities. From their distinctive appearance to their playful nature, hedgehogs make for fascinating and affectionate pets. Here are just a few reasons why hedgehogs are the perfect addition to any loving home:
1. Adorably Unique: With their quills, button noses, and curious eyes, hedgehogs are truly one-of-a-kind companions. Their quirky appearance is guaranteed to capture your heart and the hearts of your friends and family.
2. Low Maintenance: Hedgehogs are relatively low-maintenance pets, making them ideal for individuals with busy schedules. They are content with a cozy enclosure with floor space, a nutritious diet, proper temperature control, and some interactive playtime.
3. Affectionate Personalities: Despite their prickly exteriors, hedgehogs are known to form strong bonds with their human caregivers. Once they trust you, they’ll eagerly snuggle up in your hands and even learn to recognize your scent and voice.
4. Educational and Entertaining: Owning a hedgehog is not only enjoyable but also educational. You’ll have the opportunity to observe their natural behaviors and learn about their fascinating habits, making for an enriching and entertaining experience.
Here at Critter Connection, we take great pride in providing a nurturing environment for our hedgehogs. Our dedicated team ensures that each hedgehog is well-socialized, healthy, and ready to become a beloved member of your family.
To make the adoption process as seamless as possible, we offer comprehensive resources, including care guides, starter kits, and ongoing support from our knowledgeable staff. We’re committed to helping you create a happy and fulfilling life for your new prickly pal.
Ready to embark on this heartwarming journey? We invite you to read through our website or contact us directly to learn more about our available hedgehogs and the adoption process. Join our community of hedgehog enthusiasts on and experience the joy and companionship that these remarkable creatures have to offer.
Thank you for considering a hedgehog as your next pet. We look forward to matching you with the perfect hedgehog companion!
  • Hedgehogs can be found in a few pet stores, through brokers at flea markets or animal sales, or they can be purchased directly from breeders.
  • When buying animals, we recommend that you check out the source. Observe the health of the animals, the sellers’ knowledge, and their reputation and experience.
  • Compare buying hedgehogs to buying strawberries.
  • It is possible to find great strawberries at your local super-store. On the other hand, these strawberries are mass-produced, artificially ripened, and probably do not have the wonderful flavor as some of your other options. The stock person may not be as knowledgeable as other vendors as to how they were produced, the quality, or other information.
  • Another place to buy fruit is from a local fruit market or a roadside stand. These markets can be more selective in the quality and freshness of their products. This retailer tends to have more invested interest in you, as a customer, and is probably a little more educated in the product.
  • Finally, you can go to a strawberry farm and pick your berries yourself. Your tasty treat may be a little more difficult to obtain, will take more work, but you will have a completely different product in the end.
  • Purchasing animals should not be a matter of convenience and lowest bottom dollar. It may be well worth going out of your way to select a hedgehog that is right for you.
  • Many people have their first introductions to hedgehogs through a pet store. We hesitate to label pet stores as “bad” without visiting the store and talking to the owner. However, many pet stores do not have the same knowledge and experience you can get from a breeder.
  • We will not label all breeders as “good” simply because they are breeders. You may have to do a little work to find a suitable breeder in your area. We firmly believe that it would be well worth your time and energy to travel so that you might have a good buying experience, rather than to buy from a less suitable breeder or dealer simply because they are closer.

Contributors: Melissa Ramos, Gail Smith