Last Updated on February 28, 2024.

  • The average pet hedgehog is much more expensive than the average pet guinea pig, hamster, or rabbit. Hedgehogs are exotic animals; exotic or rare animals of all kinds are typically more expensive than average pets or livestock.
  • Hedgehogs are relatively expensive to breed and sell. Very few breeders or retailers are willing to raise animals at a loss and so their expenses are reflected in the price of the animal.
  • Hedgehogs have unique care and handling requirements. A good breeder or retailer will spend a considerable amount of time educating his/her customer about these requirements. Part of the price of an animal is the time required to breed and sell that animal.
  • Exotic animal breeders and retailers are required to have a USDA license. This license requires additional time, effort, and expense on their part. Again, those costs must be passed on in the price of the animal.
  • Our Becoming a Breeder guide goes into more detail about some of the risks and challenges breeders face.

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