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References & Further Reading


Available Information

  • Many pet stores and libraries do not have the most current resources and, therefore, do not have the most accurate hedgehog information.
  • Unfortunately, some of the books on the market and web pages on the Internet are out of date, and contain inaccurate and even harmful information.


  • Antigone Means-Burleson published a book titled The Hedgehog Primer. This book has all the latest and most up to date information concerning hedgehogs and hedgehog care. This book may be purchased directly from Hedgehog Valley or here at Millermeade Farms.
  • My favorite book that can be found in pet stores is by Dawn Wrobel with Dr. Susan Brown: Hedgehogs: Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pet. It is a small, hardback book published by Howell House (copyright 1997).
  • Reeve, N: Hedgehgos. T & AD Poyser, London 1997.


  • Hedgehog Central
  • The International Hedgehog Association
  • Hedgehog Valley
  • The Hedgehog Welfare Society
  • Laura Ledet or
  • Pet Info Packets: Hedgehogs
  • Websites No Longer Available
  • (printed 1/20/99)


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  • The Smithsonian Institute Mammals of The World
  • Heather Johnson at

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Special Thanks

  • Special thanks to the following people for their tips, tidbits and editing advice:
  • Nicole Gendler-Martin of Hedgehogs in Space
  • Crystal O’Reilly hedgehog owner and Copy Chief of The State News (2007)
  • The Bartel Family
  • Lori Keller
  • Michelle Mullikins of Prickly Creek Exotics
  • Nicole Belval of Prickly Pair Hedgehogs
  • Charles Perrine hedgehog enthusiast and Millermeade Farms customer

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